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1. Mellom Oss / Between Us (Lytomt)

2. Troestevise / Comforting Tune (Haugerud)

3. Troestevals / Comforting Waltz (Haugerud)

4. Oestenfor Ord / East of Words (Lytomt-Haugerud)

5. Hvem Snakker Til Meg / Who's Speaking To Me (Lytomt-Haugerud)

6. Elegi / Elegy (Lytomt-Haugerud-Fundingsrud)

7. Mens Tiden Forgår / While Time Fades Away (Hansen)

a. Dråper / Drops

b. Haven / The Garden

c. Adams sang / Adam's Song

d. Fallet / The Fall

e. Evas Sang / Eve's Song

f. Mens Tiden Forgår / While Time Fades Away

g. Etterspill / Aftermath

Instrumental bonus tracks are:

8. Marius (Lytomt)

9. Den Siste Russ / The Last of the Sixth Formers

10. Hyllest til Olga / Ode to Olga (Hansen)

11. Parademarsj for Jubilanter / Parade March for Jubilants (Hansen-Lytomt)

12. Trømborg Samba

13. Fredsmarsjen / March de la Paix

MELLOM OSS ( recorded 1981)
Vinyl version: Pottittskiver POT 02 (released January 1982)

CD version: Muséa FGBG 4069.AR (released December 1992) in a re-recorded / remixed version with six instrumental bonus tracks.

"Mellom oss", our second album, was recorded and produced by Lars-Thore Lande, our sound technician, and the band itself at Flexy Studio. This was Harald's own studio at the time, built in the old stall in the barn at Lytomt Farm in Trömborg. The sessions lasted from September to November 1981.

For the original vinyl version of the album the band consisted of:


Vinyl version: Harald Lytomt (guitars, flute) Jostein Hansen (bass, guitars, vocals) Halvard Haugerud (keyboards, bass, vocals) Tore Fundingsrud (drums). Trond Bøhn( keyboards, guitar) contributed on two tracks before he quit.

Guests: Kirsten Hognestad Bøhn (vocals) Lars-Thore Lande (bass) Trygve Lahn (violin) Chris Dankel, family and friends (hand claps and chorus)1000 copies made. Distributed only in Norway, by Polygram and the band itself.


CD version: Harald Lytomt (guitars, flute), Jostein Hansen (bass, guitars, vocals) Tore Fundingsrud (drums) Per Øyvind Nordberg (Keyboards, chorus)

Guests: Halvard Haugerud (lead vocals re-recorded) Tormod Gangfløt (viola) Tore Johansen (chorus)

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