Various Artists: Jomfrutur POTTITTSKIVER POT 04 (1982)

including 1 track from Kerrs Pink:
Fredsmarsjen 3:35
Music: Harald Lytomt

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Side A:
1. HANSA: Avdeling C
2. KIO: Vårspretten
3. STRIKK: Stymper`n
4. NAMELESS: Bare min
5. NOMEN NESCIO: Psychadelic dog

Side B:
1. KROTO: Prarie
2. KLÅZZ: Askim by
4. HOT LINE: Råkjører
5. KERRS PINK: Fredsmarsjen

Jomfrutur (Maiden Voyage)

LP: Pottittskiver POT 04 (1982)

Kerrs Pink: Fredsmarsjen (original version)

This instrumental is re-recorded for the
CD release of "Mellom Oss": Muséa FGBG 4069.AR (1992)

This is a compilation LP, featuring local bands and acts from "Kerrs Pink country" of (Indre Östfold Fylke) Inner Östfold County. This is a collector's item, only 1000 copies made.
Kerrs Pink recorded the last track on this vinyl record. "Fredsmarsjen", an instrumental, here in its original form, was recorded at Harald Lytomt's Flexy Studio in Trömborg, March 1982. What's curious about this recording is that Kerrs Pink at that time had another line-up than the one recorded here. At the end of 1981 Jostein and Halvard were left to continue Kerrs Pink on their own. From 1982 onwards Harald Lytomt and Tore Fundingsrud
played together in the more heavy prog band Hansa. This outfit later evolved into Mantra. Harald wanted "old" Kerrs Pink to be represented on this compilation, mainly because he was the exexutive producer of the project. He had composed a catchy tune to which it was possible to march.
Jostein baptised the tune "Fredsmarsjen", a homage and support to the peace march that year from Copenhagen to Paris. Therefore, the CD version of this instrumental's title is not, as the other Norwegian titles translated into English, but into French.
The fade-out theme is Harald's own personal mark. It's a radical change in mode from the previous theme, by that he wanted to make a musical transition from the Kerrs Pink tradition to his new band, Mantra. Later on, when this instrumental was re-recorded as a bonus track for the CD issue of "Mellom Oss", Harald just had to change the last fade-out theme, as it no longer represented a transition, due to the simple fact that he and Tore Fundingsrud were back playing in Kerrs Pink.

Ex-Kerrs Pink members are featured here in the bands:
Hansa (Harald Lytomt, Tore Fundingsrud)
Kroto: (Per Frydenlund, Jonny Klemmetsrud, Tore Johansen)

Kerrs Pink:
Harald Lytomt: guitars
Halvard Haugerud: Synthesizer
Jostein Hansen: bass
Tore Fundingsrud: drums

Kerrs Pink