The Alien Killer Orange

A compilation CD of Scandinavian Progressive Rock.

This is a collector's item, being released in a limited number of 450 copies only.
Kerrs Pink's track is cut number 5 "Affinity".
Here you'll hear a different mix than the version for the CD "Art of Complex
Simplicity" (1997). For this sampler release "Affinity" is without the female
choir, and there is a different guitar solo for the fade-out theme. The only
reason for this, is that the executive producer, Paal Soeby, had set a time
limit that was too strict for getting the final version.

Briskeby Records BY-09 (1997)

Other bands on this compilation:

Dot No: Round and Round
The Flower Kings: Kite
Abenteuer: Tales of Yore
Oeyvind Rauset: Marche Gaie
The Substitutes: Always reaching out for the past
Fruitcake: At Midnight
Crea: Wet Dream
Civil Surface: Went for a walk
Miracle Dimension: Yearning
Pär Lindh Projects: 21st Century Schizoid Man

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Kerrs Pink