Line Up:
Harald Lytomt (guitars)
Per Oyvind Nordberg (keyboards, programming, vocals)

My first KP-song ever! I had been a songwriter for many years when I wrote it though, writing my first songs at the age of 10-11. It was a great relief to let go of all the limits that traditional songwriting in the pop/rock genre is submitted to (max 3 minutes, etc).
My first idea was to do something totally different from the traditional 1.vers-chorus-2.vers-chorus-solo-chorus thing. I wanted the song to be a journey in itself. Kingdom was actually written before the idea of making a concept album was launched by Harald. Nevertheless, Kingdom became the source for the short story that Journey was based on.

I started out with the cello synthesizer sound, making a firm pulse and a spooky feeling. By singing in a low register in the start I wanted to open the song up in the B theme where the guitars enter. I also wrote the guitar theme, Harald thus making an excellent effort in developing it. And in making the song "fly".
I looked back on classical music and composers on the C theme, my personal favourite theme on Journey, orchestrating the music with harpsichords and violins (being poor, the real sound came from the synthesizer of course. The music was played and recorded on a sequencer before taping). The final theme on journey was added on the re-recording, making an intro for the forthcoming story.

Harald and I did all the studio recordings, due to heavy time pressure on the others and the fact that we wanted to experiment in making music that way. The drums were played on a keyboard and recorded on a sequencer. The re-recording was made for further improvement on the sound quality. But something was lost, as well. I remember Harald made a perfect horse "I-I-I-A-A-H" on the guitar on the first recording, which he never managed to copy.
The lyrics are to some extent based on my personal situation at the time. "Beaten by destiny, nothing appears to be lasting as long as it takes" refers to certain projects that did not quite succeed due to situations beyond my control. "The Kingdom of Nothing" was an exaggerated picture of the emptiness that filled my life at that stage. Writing this song, and then the Roy-story and the other songs, however, had a strong effect on my perception of my own life. In fact, it changed my life completely! I was, indeed, ready for a Journey on the Inside.
Per Oyvind Nordberg

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