Line Up:
Harald Lytomt (electric and acoustic guitars, flute)
Jostein Hansen (bass)
Per Oyvind Nordberg (C3 organ, keyboards, vocals)
Tore Fundingsrud (drums)
Heidi Drengsrud Jahren (vocals)

The song is a very typical KP song from Harald, where I made the melody line for the vocals and the lyrics. Not much to add, except that Heidi Drengsrud does an excellent performance singing Mary’s theme.

Lyrics: Roy has met Mary and she is giving him a peace of advice on how to face all the people in the Village. We all need a little guidance from time to time, but we do not all meet Mary. The song, I think, is mostly about daring to face difficulties and different sides of one’s personality. By plastering weak sides and weakening bad sides, one’s good sides might come better, or something like that.
At this point, the story and the songs are very self-centred and new age related. But it’s actually the old story of improving yourself for being more fit. And no, I have not seen a psychiatrist. I didn’t need to, after writing Journey.
Per Oyvind Nordberg
Sound Clip:
Kerrs Pink