Line Up:
Harald Lytomt (acoustic guitars)
Per Oyvind Nordberg (lead vocals, keyboards)
John Egil Nordberg (backing vocals)
Svein Fosdal (backing vocals)
Robert Herland (backing vocals)
Roger Magnusson (backing vocals)

Actually, this was a song I wrote not really knowing where and how to use it. When the Journey-concept proceeded we realized that it could fit in, representing the carelessness and recklessness in Roy’s personality or by the Happy-go-lucky-bunch in the Village.

Actually I wrote this song as a tribute to drinking. Not actually to the abuse of alcohol but to drinking a lot of alcohol as in having a party the Norwegian way (empty all bottles). Of course, in the song these people are extremely reckless. But once in a while, I think many people could lose a lot of tension and "musts", by just having a drink and a laugh. Or twenty. Life isn’t all that important, all the time, everywhere. In a bigger picture we certainly are not very important. What IS important is to let go every once in a while, but I would not recommend to do it all the time. Then you’ll be going back to The Kingdom of Nothing.

Mainly synthesizers and guitars were used in the recording of Down Town. Alas! I still regret not having used tuba bass, and a real accordion. I have played this song live many times with Opus Band, using accordion, bass and guitars. The people love it. They always sing along on the second chorus (though they have never heard it before) and they always cheer in the end. Fun!
I do the lead vocal, and friends and relatives once again do the choir. We did the choir studio session right after a big party, and I remember that one of my friends was so drunk that we had to show him out of the studio! But it sounded like it should, don’t you think?
I have noticed that some people think that this song doesn’t fit on Journey. Well, it does not have to be all that serious all the time!
Per Oyvind Nordberg
Kerrs Pink