Line Up:
Harald Lytomt (guitars)
Jostein Hansen (bass)
Per Oyvind Nordberg (C3 organ, keyboards, vocals)
Tore Fundingsrud (drums)

I knew from the start when I wrote the short story for Journey that one of the songs would have to deal with the showdown between Roy and the Sorcerer. I wanted this song to be nothing less than the climax of the record. Of course, this put a heavy pressure on myself while writing the song, and I don’t think I quite succeeded. But I think that Showdown has some very good themes and the right feel to it.
This song is recorded with the whole band in the studio, though we had to do a few tricks to put the parts together. The instrumental part with bass and drums playing fast notes simultaneously was an extra challenge to Jostein and Tore, which they dealt with to my greatest satisfaction. It also includes Harald’s guitars and Tore J’s flute. Nice!
In fact, both the musical and the vocal efforts are very good on this track, I think. But my expectations for this song were too high. And I think that the limitation lies in the song itself. It is not a bad song, but I wanted something extra for the showdown. That’s the drawback with concept albums! Well, this is only my own opinion.
Per Oyvind Nordberg
Sound Clip:
Kerrs Pink