Line Up:
Harald Lytomt (electric and acoustic guitars)
Tore Johansen (tin whistle)
Jostein Hansen (bass, chant vocals)
Per Oyvind Nordberg (keyboards, lead vocals)
Tore Fundingsrud (drums)

Rubicon is the real highlight of this record, in my opinion (along with Journey and Magic Mary, Jostein’s best songs ever?). Harald wrote the music on this song, and he really wanted to take it all out, didn’t he? As usual, I wrote the melody lines and the lyrics and I am very happy with the way the words fell out on this one.
At this point of the story, Roy is crucified for the killing of The Sorcerer, and it looks like he is going to die. He cries out for Mary, who said she was going to save him. What happens next doesn’t come clear from the story. I am not going reveal what happened. I trust you to use you own imagination in that matter.
A clue: Of course, the word Rubicon points back on the situation in 49 BC when Caesar crossed the river Rubicon and thereby started a civil war. The expression "crossing the river Rubicon" has later gotten the meaning of making a decision that cannot be undone!
Per Oyvind Nordberg
Sound Clip:
Kerrs Pink