Line Up:
Harald Lytomt (electric and acoustic guitars)
Per Oyvind Nordberg (keyboards, programming, lead vocals)

This is a combination of a quite normal verse and a delirious instrumental part. Once again, it was Harald and me who did everything in the studio. I did all the keyboards, bass and drums, while Harald played the guitars. I had great fun making and recording this song.
The instrumental part of Delirious contains three different time signatures. It starts in 7/4, and goes back to 4/4. In the end of the song, you will find a _ sequence. It’s kind of tricky to play, but it works out nice, I think. I believe that my influence from The Beatles is quite evident in this song (also in some parts of Showdown). Well, I can’t help that.
Most of the keyboards were already there when Harald was going to add the guitars. I think he had a hard time in coming up with some real good ideas. But, as always, Harald delivers the goods perfectly, wrapped in the nicest silk.
I consider Delirious, Kingdom of Nothing and The Sorcerer to be my best contributions to this record, and maybe some of the best songs I have ever written. I am also very happy with the lyrics on The Voice Inside Your Heart and Rubicon.
Per Oyvind Nordberg
Sound Clip:
Kerrs Pink