Line Up:
Harald Lytomt (electric and acoustic guitars, flute)
Per Oyvind Nordberg (keyboards, programming)

The most natural thing to do was to start Journey with Kingdom of Nothing and end it with Delirious. That’s why Harald wanted to do something else. He wanted a Prologue and an Epilogue.
So Harald came up with this song, which actually contains one single melody line. However, this particular melody line turned out to be very useful for variations. It also turned out, that if I was playing the melody line on the synthesizer while Harald did variations on the guitar, this song could go on forever. It would have, too, if the CD format had allowed it!
Well, every journey should have an end. Otherwise you would never come home to start planning and packing for the next journey. I hope you will return to the Journey on the Inside many more times, and that you sometime, maybe, will join us for further journeys in a musical landscape.
Per Oyvind Nordberg
Sound Clip:
Kerrs Pink