Lady of the Lake
Music: Harald Lytomt Lyrics: Jostein Hansen
Time 2:52

All the pleasures you bring to me
Never tired of life though it sometimes makes you flee
Never far off though you're not near
Ever loving girl, you know I'd have you here

Let us never be apart
It's like I knew
Searching you from the start
Eternal depths so true

Fearing old crusts bursting ablaze
Joining remedies to widen your embrace

Endless days I'll share with you
Life itself, my dear
Deliverance is in view
Beckoning to your ear

Rest awhile I sing my most
All may be at stake
To you I propose a toast
Ever Lady of the Lake

Here Kerrs Pink sounds something like a blend of old Strawbs and Dylan!
At that time, this was a personal tribute to a girl friend. There are always undercurrents in personal relationsships, and this is an indirect way of describing them.

Line Up:
Harald Lytomt (acoustic guitars, bass)
Bjorn Teig (C3 organ)
Erik Hageler (vocals)

Sound Clip:

Kerrs Pink