Music: Harald Lytomt  Lyrics: Jostein Hansen
Time 8:33

So I set out again
Sailing my stormy seas
And in time
I'll write a perfect rhyme

Calm down and have a rest
Surely, I'll pass the test
'Cause in time
I'll write a perfect rhyme

Foggy sky and shallow reefs
Either gale or lack of breeze

Why do I long to be
Part of a destiny
Too far ahead of me?

Wrecked on my final shore
By some indifferent law
In the end
I'd like to comprehend

By and by again
It seems a riddle
Why should life approve
Of all leaking vessels?

Even you my friend
Must seek the answer
How can you reach your goal
When your ship is sinking down?

Line Up:
Harald Lytomt (electric and acoustic guitars)
Jan Haakon Skarpsno (drums, keyboards, arr)
Geir Jahren (lead vocals)
Heidi Drengsrud Jahren and
Cecilie Ljunggren (backing vocals)

No matter how hard and long you try to reach a goal you know that in the end you'll be defeated by life itself, it seems that the destructive forces are always the strongest. We're all sinking vessels.

Sound Clip:

Kerrs Pink