Linger a Bit Longer
Music: Harald Lytomt  Lyrics: Jostein Hansen
Time 6:46

Won't you linger a bit longer
Let me see your precious smile
Lock me into sweet embraces
Let our time stand still a while

Don't let go until
Darkness gives way to sunrise
Till I've touched your soft skin
Till I've drowned in your eyes

Don't let go until
We've found ourselves anew
Till I've found all the words
To take me closer to you

There was a time when
Searching for you
Seemed to claim all my might
But now it's different
Please linger here by me
Through the night

You're the glowing sign of evening
Close to sink beneath the sea
Won't you linger a bit longer
Before the dark will swallow me

Line Up:
Harald Lytomt (electric and acoustic guitars, flute)
Knut Lie (drums)
Jostein Hansen (bass)
Freddy Ruud (el-piano)
Fritz Hunstad (C3 organ)
Geir Jahren (lead vocals)

There will always be a time for separation, a fear of letting go. This is about the experience of trying to avoid finding yourself lonesome, even when having a strong relationship with one you love...

Sound Clip:

Kerrs Pink