A Final Greeting
Music: Harald Lytomt  Lyrics: Jostein Hansen
Time 6:35

As long your heart may ache with sorrow
As long you fret, but trust tomorrow
I will share your fears, disclose your laughter
Believe in life and what comes after

As long my words are clearly spoken
Beyond the reach of any token
This will be my final greeting
"Journeys end in lovers meeting"

Line Up:
Harald Lytomt (electric and acoustic guitars, flute, vocals))
Liv Frengstad (cello)
Tormod Gangfloet (viola)
Heidi Drengsrud Jahren and
Cecilie Ljunggren (vocals)

About the lyrics:
This is a wish for stronger ties and a closer union than reality had it to be.

Sound Clip:

Kerrs Pink