This is the opening cut on the first Kerrs Pink album. A very suitable title for a debut LP indeed! It has the typical twin lead guitar harmony mark of later recordings, here, as on the single, in a bland of folk music and symphonic rock.This instrumental even entered the national radio top ten (Norsktoppen) in June 1981, staying in the charts for four weeks, peaking at number 8. Since then, Kerrs Pink has stuck to it, and if it hasn't always been present in the repertory, it has always returned on popular demand, that's how close Kerrs Pink has got a kind of signature tune. So far, it's the band's only hit.


Harald Lytomt (2nd lead guitars)
Tore Johansen (1st lead guitar)
Jostein Hansen (bass)
Halvard Haugerud (Rhodes el-piano, Mellotron, synth)
Trond Bohn (C3 organ)
Terje Solas (drums)

Kerrs Pink