Once again, an instrumental of Harald's. Also, once again an inside joke. Simultaneously alluding as much to the classic French novel as to the potato brand Pimpernel. What's in a name?
This is indeed a very inventive and refined guitar tune in employing all three guitarist in counterpoint all through the tune, with Halvard adding diversity with the tasteful synthesizer solo. Even the bass line acts in counterpoint to the harmonic patterns of the other instruments!
To end it all in a grandious and almost guitar-symphonic way, Harald adds about six guitars, soaring skyhigh with the awesome Mellotron! Have you ever heard something like this before? I doubt it! No surprise then, that Pimpernelle, to a lot of fans, is THE ultimate classic Kerrs Pink instrumental!


Harald Lytomt (lots of guitar leads, flute)
Tore Johansen (2nd guitar)
Jostein Hansen ("counterpoint" bass)
Halvard Haugerud (Arp Pro Solist synth, Mellotron)
Trond Bohn (3rd guitar)
Terje Solas (drums)


Kerrs Pink