A guitar tune that swaps 1st and 2nd lead harmonies when the themes are repeated. This tune has a tiny touch of the Norwegian "stev" to it, the traditional rhythm of a short improvised poem. This is mostly true when the 3/4 rhythm is at its most emphatic. "Parringsstevet" is a tune that is Norwegian folk inspired, aided by some rock touches. You can surely dance waltz to it! (At least in places).This is an instrumental with humourous overtones: If you look upon the 1st harmony guitar lead as the female one, and the 2nd as a male one, they both get together in harmony, in another rhythm as well...well, do I have to be more explicit?!
What Jostein says at the end is"...sa døm og så parra døm sæ!"
"...they said and then they copulated!"


Harald Lytomt (1st lead guitar)
Tore Johansen (2nd lead guitar)
Jostein Hansen (bass, voice)
Halvard Haugerud (Rhodes el-piano, Arp synth, Hammond C3)
Trond Bohn (accoustic guitar)
Terje Solas (drums)


This is the original drawing that Halvard drew for "Copulation Theme". As this drawing indicated some far too explicit rutting and heat with penis heads as a background forest to a naked couple in the forefront, we asked him courteously if he could be so considerate as to draw an erected bough instead!


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