After the third album, "A Journey on the Inside", the band had taken a pause, too long to Harald's taste, so he could not keep himself from composing. The fourth album was initially intended to be a solo project of Harald's.
All he needed was someone to write the lyrics to his melodies. He asked Jostein, and he suggested that the album could be released in the name of Kerrs Pink. After all, these two guys had been playing in the band since 1975, and they were by 1996 the only survivors since then. In addition, Harald had by far been the most prolific composer in the band from 1976 onwards.
As Kerrs Pink at that time in fact was in limbo, former members were asked to contribute along with friends and other reputated musicians. The album "Art of Complex Simplicity" was released by Muséa in the spring of 1997.

All tracks were analogously recorded and digitally mastered at Flexy Studio, Trömborg, Norway, during 1996 and winter 1997. They were engineered and produced by Harald Lytomt.


Kerrs Pink