Kerrs Pink #14 members had all attended to "Art of Complex Simplicity" except David and Benny.They played live twice after the Releaseparty: Kraftfestivalen in Askim 16/8 1997 and a week later on a private arrangement in Trøgstad – then without Benny on lead vocals, but Geir Jahren.


From left: Freddy Ruud, Jostein Hansen, Knut R. Lie and Harald Lytomt
Pictures below:
Kerrs Pink performs Pink Floyds "Shine on you crazy diamond"


25th anniversary

Slitu 24/5-1997

1. Solveigs sang (Grieg)
2. The hero of chivalry (Lytomt)
3. Never Land (Lytomt)
4. Linger a bit longer (Lytomt-Hansen)
5. Velkomst (Johansen)
6. Parringsstevet (Hansen)
7. Østenfor Ord (Lytomt-Haugerud)
8. Throw down the sword (Wishbone Ash)
9. Jail Bait (Wishbone Ash)
10. Shine on you crazy diamond (Pink Floyd)
11. Gånglåt (Kenny Håkansson)

Acoustic set:

12. Lady of the lake (Lytomt-Hansen)
13. The Voice inside your heart (Lytomt-Nordberg)
14. Downtown (Nordberg)

Late in the evening:

15. Velkomst
16. Blues jam

Kerrs Pink line-ups this evening:

Harald Lytomt (guitar all songs)
Jostein Hansen (bass all songs)
Freddy Ruud (keyb. song 1-4 and 10)
Knut R. Lie (drums on 1-5 and voc on 10)
Jonny Klemmetsrud (drums on 6-11)
David Hansen (guitar on 1-11)
Per Ø. Nordberg (keyb,voc on 5-9 and 12-14)
Benny Hanssen (lead vocals on 4 and 10)
Heidi D. Jahren (backing vocals 2,3 and 10)
Cecilie Ljunggren (backing vocals 2 and 10) 
Geir Jahren (backing voc 10 and lead on 16)
Fredrik Mortensen (saxophone on 10)
Bjørn Teig (Hammond, accordian on 12-14)
Erik Hageler (lead vocals on 12)
Robert Herland (backing vocals on 14)
John Egil Nordberg (backing vocals on 14) 
Terje Solås (drums on 15 and 16)
Kerrs Pink