"Won`t you take a seat",
She told me
Smiling as I asked:
What do you want from me?"
-"Yes, we can surely help you"

Faces in long cold rows
All nodding in understanding
Putting their gloves on before they give me a hand
Smiling nicely and nodding as they go

"Do not touch me!,
Do not feel me!,
Don`t you dare come near me!
Do not hold me,
Do not know me,
Don`t you you dare to love me"!

The voices are calm and very pleasant
The eyes are dead, the smiles are sweet
Spraying their mouths before they speak to me
Feelings are dead before they`re born.


Sett Dem bare ned:

Harald Lytomt (electric and accoustic guitars, flute)
Tore Johansen (electric guitar)
Jostein Hansen (bass)
Halvard Haugerud (Rhodes el-piano, mellotron, backing vocals)
Trond Bohn (strings)
Terje Solas (drums, backing vocals)
Steinar Straumdal (lead vocals)

This song is about how far apart we are from eachother in our daily routines. Most people hide themselves between a mask, and those of us who are closer to ourselves and enjoy a more personal contact with our fellow men, often get this feel of phoniness when confronted with these kinds of social conventions.

If you want the the lyrics in norwegian, please go to the LP version. 

Kerrs Pink