You asked me with your eyes
"Do you want to come along?"
Before I could think about it
We were on our way!

Into the forest where you taught me:
No one knows the feeling
Without knowing you

You taught me how to love
The Wilderness
And I felt the surge of happiness
Although my heart would break

So when you made your way home
It was already dusk
Yet though you were departing
I did not feel alone

I remember going home
As the darkness fell
And all that I was really asked
I could not really tell

I took their scolding silently
Knowing what I`d done
But if I meet the selfsame eyes


Sang fra skogen:

Harald Lytomt (electric and accoustic guitars, lyrical solo)
Tore Johansen (electric guitar, heavy solo)
Jostein Hansen (bass)
Halvard Haugerud (Hammond C3, lead vocals)
Trond Bohn (acoustic spanish guitar)
Terje Solas (drums, backing vocals)

Almost a ballad in its theme,
the first encounter with
the awareness and fulfillment of sexual desires,
but here depicted in an introvert
and evasive poetic form.
It starts out as a quiet folk song, but
gradually builds up towards
a climax by the aggressive guitars and
the drastic increase oof tempo and changes in
rhythm and intensity. In sum, this tune has it all and that little extra as well to make it one of Kerrs Pink's classic highlights.

If you want the the lyrics in norwegian, please go to the LP version.

Kerrs Pink