Will you arrive on asummer`s day
In the midst of future plans?
Will you arrive like a thunderbolt
On a day I don`t expect?
Waiting, wondering. What will happen?
If only I could know and be certain!
What will happen
If I`m still here next year?
Will you arrive at the appointed time
That we agreed upon
Will you arrive and leave again
Before I comprehend it?

Hvis jeg er der neste år?:

Harald Lytomt (electric and accoustic guitars, flute)
Tore Johansen (electric guitar)
Jostein Hansen (bass)
Halvard Haugerud (Yamaha Grand Piano,
C3 organ, lead vocals)
Trond Bohn (Mellotron)
Terje Solas (drums, backing vocals)
Steinar Straumdal (lead vocals on refrain)

A sombre and atmospheric track by Harald, with lyrics of the same contents from Halvard. Being more heavy than other tracks on the first album, it still has one of the most intimate themes from the band, the piano and flute theme in the middle of the song. It was composed in those days when punk ruled, so why not join them, at least for 30 seconds? It is as close Kerrs Pink came to heavy symphonic rock in 1980.

If you want the the lyrics in norwegian, please go to the LP version.

Kerrs Pink