This is Kerrs Pink's first recording, the single from June 1979 that also featured "Feberlaaten". But neither side of the vinyl single was marked as A /B sides, thus avoiding to favour one of the tracks. The track is also featured as a bonus cut on the first CD "Kerrs Pink" (Muséa 1991).

This is a homage to Edvardt, but which one?
It could be Harald's father; Ole-Edvardt, or even to Edvard Grieg, or an inside joke,
alluding to the Swedish name of the Kerrs Pink potato brand; Kung Edward! Or is it an English king?
Make your guesses!

Layers of guitar harmonies, with a Bach fugue inspired theme on the Hammond make this a very versatile listening. A brooding theme from Harald's Fender also contributes to enrich the tune.
There is also a gradually speed in the rhythm in one of the many themes, associating with Russian or Greek folk tradition. There is a spacy feel to the tune when the growl of the Hammond organ through the Leslie 147 cabinet is combined with the emotional lift of the awesome Mellotron!

It's obvious difficult to describe Kerrs Pink's first try! You'd better listen to it yourself!
But it just got to be labeled progressive folk with a healthy shower of symphonic rock!

Kong Edvardt:

Harald Lytomt (lead guitar - Fender Telecaster Thinline `69)
Per Frydenlund (harmony guitar - Gibson SG Special `73 model)
Per Kvaerner (harmony guitar - Fender Telecaster Blond `69 model)
Jostein Hansen (bass - Fender Precision `76 model)
Halvard Haugerud (Hammond C3, Mellotron 400)
Terje Solas (Slingerland drums)

Kerrs Pink