Kerrs Pink's first recording the
single "Kong Edvardt"/"Feberlaaten"
was recorded in June 1979.

The track is also a bonus track on first
CD "Kerrs Pink" (Muséa 1991).

The story of the making of "Feberlaaten": Per Frydenlund was home from school and in bed with the flu. But he was bored, so he lay playing his beloved Strat, and the main folk theme came to him. He also composed the introduction to the tune, and there he managed to convey the feeling of being buried inside one's own head with influenza. This is psychadelic folk rock! Elelments from psychadelia, Norwegian and Swedish traditional folk music in a rock mix! Harald made the 3rd theme, and Per Kvaerner added the rock'n folk theme.



Harald Lytomt (2nd lead guitars - Fender Telecaster Thinline `69)
Per Frydenlund (1st lead guitar - Gibson SG Special `73 model)
Per Kvaerner (lead guitar middle theme - Fender Telecaster Blond `69 model)
Jostein Hansen (bass - Fender Precision `76 model)
Halvard Haugerud (Fender Rhodes el-piano)
Terje Solas (Slingerland drums)

Kerrs Pink