Hour Glass

Music and Lyrics: Freddy Ruud

All we know...Life can give
Experience...As long as we live
Love will keep your spirit high
Lift your hands to reach the sky

Make this world a better place
You know we`re just a brick in space
We can see the stars above
But there is no place to go

Nothing can keep my mind
From thinking about you
I know that your life isn`t easy
It`s just for the few
So hold on to what you are dreaming
Don`t go with the stream
Some day we will all be receiving
For what we have been

Realize...We could care
Sacrifice...Enough to share
Focus values human kind
Hour glass runs out of time

Hour Glass:

Harald Lytomt (guitars)
Jostein Hansen (bass)
Lasse Tanderø (vocals)
Freddy Ruud (keyboards)
Lasse Johansen (keyboards)
Knut R. Lie (drums, backing vocals)
Tracee Meyn (backing vocals)

Kerrs Pink