Tidings From Some Distant Shore

Music: Harald Lytomt Words: Jostein Hansen

There´s a sound from the woods ever breezing
It keeps on whispering while still knowing more
There´s a tide crushing in from the ocean
It tells of tidings from some distant shore

There´s a cry from a child ever fearing
The marching boots at a mad man´s call
There´s a sigh of relief after lightning
Before the rain soothingly starts to fall

Tell me if you doubt
For what do we know for certain
Still there´s a lot to learn
Before the final curtain
Till then we´ll await
And step out from our hidings
To see face to face
The last of the latest tidings

Tidings From Some Distant Shore:

Harald Lytomt (guitars)
Jostein Hansen (bass)
Freddy Ruud (keyboards)
Lasse Johansen (keyboards)
Knut R. Lie (drums, lead and backing vocals)
Lillian Høidal (lead vocals)
Geir Jahren (backing vocals)
Per Viggo Nilsen (violin)
Sound clip: 
Kerrs Pink