If you want to listen
You'd better listen carefully
If you want to see
You haven't got the wrong picture
Then they'll come sneaking
In black clothes
And all the time they know
Where you are

But what can we do
They won't understand
They're so big
And we're so small
So embrace me hard
'Cause we got no clothes
But we know for sure
That you and I are here

When you don't suspect it
They're on the move
Stabbing you in your back
With their knife-edged trousers
Looking so clean on the outside
That nobody fears them
These nice handsome
Well-behaving young men

Re-released version on CD 1992:

Harald Lytomt (electric and accoustic guitars)
Jostein Hansen (bass, chorus)
Per Oyvind Nordberg (piano, C3 organ, chorus)
Tore Fundingsrud (drums, chorus)
Halvard Haugerud (lead vocals)
Robert Herland (chorus)
Tore Johansen (chorus)

Original version on LP 1981:

Harald Lytomt (guitars)
Jostein Hansen (bass, chorus)
Halvard Haugerud (el-piano,C3 organ, lead vocals)
Trond Bohn (C3 organ)
Tore Fundingsrud (drums, chorus)
Chris Dankel (chorus)
Lars Thore Lande (chorus)
Runar Hansen (chorus)
Marita Hansen (chorus)
Aasmund og Elisabeth (chorus)
Halvard's Cossack dance, and believe it our not, he played it in Russia at some heavy vodka drinking parties. So this tune has really been tested out in its right climate! It's a very catchy tune indeed! And the guitar solo here is breathtakingly hard to play! The lyrics are anarchistic and cosy at the same time! That's a good description of the poet as well, at least at that time! So, one more crazy melting: Progrock and Russian folk! I'll bet you haven't heard anything like it! 
Kerrs Pink