A bonus track with the CD version of "Mellom Oss". This instrumental was part of our earliest concert repertory, dating back from 1977. At that time Kerrs Pink featured three guitarist, and Harald was an exigent composer of two and even triple lead guitar harmonies. The stage number was played by guitarists Harald Lytomt, Per Frydenlund and Per Kvaerner. The title is an inside joke, once again! Harald thought that he was among the last students who could rightly call themselves "russ" in 1977; a Norwegian tradition for having an alibi for getting drunk and making all kinds of fuzz and nasty things, far too awful to mention here, in public when you are through with upper secondary/seniorhigh school, leaving for higher education or work at 19. In this version from 1992, recorded by Harald, only he himself and drummer Tore Fundingsrud are featured. Harald knows how to play the keyboards as well! It got much local airplay in our state-run radio station of Östfold county. Even climbing to the number one spot in the telephone-mentometer based weekly aired "Östfold toppen". "Den siste russ" was the second most popular local recording in 1993.

Released only as bonus track on CD 1992:

Harald Lytomt (electric and accoustic guitars, bass, keyboards, flute)
Tore Fundingsrud (drums)
Sound clip:
Kerrs Pink