In 1976, far away from Kerrs Pink's
home area (the county of Östfold in
the south-eastern part of Norway)
this instrumental was conceived
in the canyons of Finnmark county,
in the northern most parts of the
country during Jostein's service in the army.
This is one of his first instrumental compositions.

Who is Olga?
There is much ambiguity connected to giving
only one answer.
It could be a former darling's nick name,
or more likely - an older lady by that name who
served in the railway workers'cafeteria at the
Norwegian Railway's "Godsekpedisjonen"
(Goods Forwarding Expedition)
in Oslo in the summers of 1974 and 1975.
Here Jostein, as a poor young student,
was working in the wagon-loading crew.
He obviously made an impeccable impression on
Olga; she often gave him with no further ado
a smorgasbord with minced steak for free.
This is a Norwegian folklore inspired tune in 3/4 time.
"Olga" was not recorded until 1992.

Released only as bonus track on CD 1992:

Harald Lytomt (electric and accoustic guitars)
Jostein Hansen (bass)
Per Oyvind Nordberg (keyboards, C3 organ)
Tore Fundingsrud (drums)
Kerrs Pink