Recorded 30 November 1980 at Kerrs Pink's
rehearsing premises at Halvard's.
This was Terje's last playing in the band,
and we felt we had to document it. The tune
was recorded at the spot, with only the rhythm guitar
and the organ solo overdubbed.
Our sound engineer, Lars-Thore Lande
operated the recording equipment from a near by room.
We used a four track multi home recorder.
Only the rhythm guitar of Trond's give a
true stereo feel. The Hammond organ is
recorded through a phase stereo effect.
Terje, who had in fact played the dance halls
of Norway professionally for four years, really
got the chance to show another side of how a
versatile a drummer he really is.
Tore Johansen had by this time left the band.

Released only as bonus track on CD 1992:

Harald Lytomt (Gibson ES335 -lead guitar)
Trond Bohn ( Fender Telecaster Blond -rhythm guitar)
Jostein Hansen (Fender Precision bass)
Halvard Haugerud (Hammond C3 organ)
Terje Solaas (Slingerland drums)
Kerrs Pink