Monday Man

Music: Harald Lytomt Lyrics: Per Oyvind Nordberg

Monday, day of the mooen, Diana`s day
He saw the first morning ray
 Stretching his hands out for the earth
Being a hunter by birth
Monday, he`s got his windows open wide
Letting antennae provide
Small flashing glimpses of the skies
Tou saw the moon in his eyes

His father used to build a wall around his cradle
And mother took him on her knee to mend his wing
But as time goes by, he`s older and he`s able
So on and on, they`ll tell him anything

To keep his fantasies from running into trances
To keep his ever growing ego on the ground
To keep his rebel-rousing manners inside fences
To him it`s just a merry-go-round

Monday, learning his lessons in school
He had his mind overruled
Learning the jungle by name
"That`s how we`re playing the game"

Don`t shout, don`t argue
Just keep your place in line
Hey, why are you such a naughty boy

Don`t steal, don`t borrow
You have to be prepared for tomorrow
Learn your lesson well

Don`t say, don`t gather
Don`t even try to think
That you`re better than the rest of us

Don`t touch, don`t tamper
Keep hands above the sheets
Hey, we`re watching - keep your mattress clean

You have to show the world you`re the best
And beat the beast alone
You have to prove it to the rest
And bring your treasures home

Grow up to be a Monday man.
Sound Clip:
Kerrs Pink