7 Days of a Life

1. KERRS PINK: Monday Man (Lytomt / Nordberg)

A concept album, featuring seven bands from
seven different countries:
Kerrs Pink (Norway)
Halloween (France)
Rousseau (Germany)
North Star (USA)
Vermillion Sands (Japan)
Ezra Winston (Italy)
Sagrado (Brazil)

Produced by Francis Grosse, Thierry Sportouche,
Bernard Gueffier and Alain Robert for Muséa.

Story: Francis Grosse and Thierry Sportouche.

The Concept:
This album relates, through the medium of the seven days of a week, the seven stages of a man’s life, from birth to death. Each of the seven days is allegorically represented by a god or a goddess and indicates the different trials and tribulations faced by the hero, continually shaping his existence and his conceptions and values thereof, and its final summary at the point of death. As such he discovers in death the sovereign realm of art, creation and the sublimation of the material world which settles all the questions and contradictions, the wrong answers and the misplaced values of his life. Only then does he finally gain access to wisdom and fulfillment; and a sense of humility in the face of eternity, irrespective of where his soul is bound after death.
(Taken from the preface in CD booklet)

About the CD:
The story of this concept-album has been musically illustrated by seven groups of seven differing nationalities. This, it is to be hoped, shows irrespective of cultural differences, the universality of these themes; of the creative act, of the initiating cycle of the journey through life.
All titles have been composed especially to this end.
(Taken from the CD booklet)