Kerrs Pink

1. Velkomst / Welcome (Johansen) 2:40
2. Sett Dem bare ned / Please be seated (Haugerud) 6:44
3. Barkbillens flukt / The Flight of the Bark Beetle (Lytomt) 3:53
4. Sang fra skogen / Song from the Wilderness (Haugerud) 4:35
5. Pimpernelle / Pimpernelle (Lytomt) 5:33
6. Parringsstevet / Copulation Theme (Hansen) 3:52
7. Bamse Brakar / Brer Bear (Lytomt / Hansen) 3:23
8. Sirrus / Sirrus (Kerrs Pink) 4:27
9. Hvis jeg er der neste aar / If I`m still here next year (Lytomt / Haugerud) 6:32
10. Avskjed / Departure (Lytomt) 6:32

Instrumental bonus tracks:

11. Kong Edvardt / King Edvardt (Lytomt) 4:40
12. Feberlaaten / The Fever Theme (Frydenlund/Lytomt/Kvaerner) 4:00

Vinyl: Pottittskiver POT 02 (private label) Norway 1980
CD: Muséa FGBG 4027.AR (+ single) France 1991
Cover photography: Jan Sigurd Fuglestvedt

Kerrs Pink’s first album was recorded in the summer of 1980 at Roxy Studio in Fredrikstad, run by former guitarist and main composer of progressive heavies Höst’s Svein Rönning. Only 1000 copies were released on Kerrs Pink’s own label, “Pottittskiver”, (meaning slices of potatoes). The long playing record was distributed by the band itself and Polygram in Oslo to all of Norway. Steinar Straumdal contributed lead vocals to two of the tracks. Altogether, only four tracks featured vocals. The opening track “Velkomst”, an instrumental even reached Norsktoppen (the national Top Ten) on NRK radio in 1981. This album included a 12-page booklet with drawings by Halvard Haugerud.

Kerrs Pink:
Harald Lytomt: electric and acoustic guitars, flute
Halvard Haugerud: vocals, Hammond C3, Fender Rhodes, Yamaha grand electric, ARP Pro-soloist, Mellotron 400, Mini Moog
Tore Johansen: electric guitar
Jostein Hansen: bass, vocals
Trond Böhn: keyboards, electric and acoustic guitars
Terje Solaas: drums, chorus

Guest singer: Steinar Straumdal