Kong Edvardt/Feberlåten

Kong Edvardt 4:40
Music: Harald Lytomt

Feberlåten 4:00
Music: Per Frydenlund, Harald Lytomt, Per Kværner

Single 45 7”
“Kong Edvardt” / “Feberlaaten”
Pottittskiver POS 01 (1979)

Also featured as bonus tracks on the CD release of the first album.
Muséa FGBG 4027.AR (1991)

On June 9 1979 Kerrs Pink visited Roxy Studio in Fredrikstad with the firm intention to record two home made instrumentals.
Not seeking to obtain a recording contract, the band took all expenses upon themselves. They even had their own label, Pottittskiver (which means slices of potatoes in Norwegian. There is even a pun here, as slices both mean slices and records.
The studio was run by former Höst guitarist Svein Rönning, and he engineered and co-produced the single together with the band.
Svein inspired the band and generously gave them all technical guidance at this delicate stage of recording for the first time.

The single unites Norwegian and Swedish folk music with syphonic rock. Right from the start the identity of Kerrs Pink is discernable. An issue of 1000 copies of the single, released on 13th December 1979, was soon sold out. The group could easily have sold another 1000 copies. Today you must pay collectors’ price for it. Distributed directly by the band itself and the intermediary independent record company MAI in Oslo, all Norway was offered this very first record by Kerrs Pink.

Curiously, only 40 copies of the record had a cover designed by Halvard Haugerud, released in three
different versions, pressed by hand, made by a particular printing method using silk. Kerrs Pink followed the new trend of that time; the cover, of course, was recirculated paper. In fact, there is a rumour saying it is the second indie single in Norway, the first one came from the new way band Kjött. The press and rock public favoured the single, thus encouraging Kerrs Pink to continue the musical quest.
Curiosa: This was not the last time the band got in contact with Höst members. As you may know, both Geir Jahren and Knut Lie are more or less still running this legendary heavy progressive band in Kerrs Pink’s neighbouring cityof Askim. Kerrs Pink’s 5th album “Tidings” was in fact partly recorded and mixed at Geir’s Nice Studio in Askim.

Kerrs Pink 1979:
Per Kværner, Per Frydenlund, Harald lytomt,
Terje Solås, Halvard Haugerud, Jostein Hansen