The last of the latest tidings!At last, we are proud to announce that Kerrs Pink album number five is now out on the Muséa label!
Five years have passed since our fourth CD “Art of Comlex Simplicity”.
This new album is more focused on the vocal part than our previous releases, thus six of seven tracks have lyrics sung in English, both female and male lead vocals are strongly present.

1. Hour Glass (Ruud) 5:32
2. Tidings from some Distant Shore (Lytomt-Hansen) 8:30
3. Shooting Star (Ruud) 9:40
4. Yumi Yeda (Lytomt-Hansen/Tanderø) 10:15
5. Moments in Life (Ruud) 8:37
6. Mystic Dream (Lytomt-Hansen/Tanderø) 9:46
7. Le Sable s`est Écoulé (Ruud-Johansen-Lytomt) 5:38

Kerrs Pink:
Harald Lytomt: guitars
Jostein Hansen: bass
Lasse Johansen: keyboards
Freddy Ruud: keyboards
Knut R. Lie: drums, vocals
Lasse Tanderø: lead vocals