Kerrs Pink – Tidings Vinyl (Yellow)


Kerrs Pink’s fifth studio album re-released on double vinyl in 2012. Featuring Harald Lytomt, Jostein Hansen, Lasse Johansen, Freddy Ruud, Knut Lie and Lasse Tanderø.

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1. Hour Glass (Ruud) 5:32
2. Tidings from some Distant Shore (Lytomt-Hansen) 8:30
3. Shooting Star (Ruud) 9:40
4. Yumi Yeda (Lytomt-Hansen/Tanderø) 10:15
5. Moments in Life (Ruud) 8:37
6. Mystic Dream (Lytomt-Hansen/Tanderø) 9:46
7. Le Sable s`est Écoulé (Ruud-Johansen-Lytomt) 5:38

Kerrs Pink:
Harald Lytomt: guitars
Jostein Hansen: bass
Lasse Johansen: keyboards
Freddy Ruud: keyboards
Knut R. Lie: drums, vocals
Lasse Tanderø: lead vocals