First rehearsals in 2020

We have officially kicked off rehearsals on our new material for the upcoming record. The first rehearsal was Tuesday January 21st. We rehearsed the 3 first songs, and today (January 28th) we’re going to rehearse the 4 first song of the new album.

We all met right before Christmas to setup our gear, and start planning 2020. We really love doing this! While recording overdubs, vocals and during mixing, there wasn’t much time to get together to play, so it was about time we all got together again.

Taking a break

Eirikur will not be joining us for all the rehearsals. He will come by and rehearse the 3-4 last rehearsals leading up to the first show.

Lasse and Glenn doing quality checks on the parts

While recording we used MiniMoog, Hammond C3 and a lot of virtual instruments. On live shows we depend on the Korg Kronos to do most of the work in the keyboard department. Glenn is also using the Hammond C3. Sometimes only the real thing is good enough!

Per has a little arsenal of gear himself

The bass department also consists of MiniMoog and Taurus bass pedals. We don’t use any amps while rehearsing. Per’s bass sounds good in the headphones regardless. Still, he is the only one that actually has room for our mixer. The Behringer X32 just barely holds up to the actual quantity of inputs we need just to rehearse. Why?

The kit has been redesigned for the new music

Magne’s drum kit without argue takes up most of the room and most of the inputs of our rehearsal mixer. When recording the new Kerrs Pink record, this drum kit used 28 input channels.

Magne has reconfigured his drum kit to fit the music in a more proggy and musical way. It’s also pretty fun to play this setup.

Some numbers:

  • 7 Toms
  • 2 snares,
  • 2 kick drums (3 counting the gong bass drum)
  • 4 octobans.
  • 4 crash cymbals
  • 2 splashcymbals
  • 3 stacked cymbals
  • 2 rides
  • 2 hihat cymbals
Magne clearly has fun playing this kit
Harald Lytomt
Hans Jørgen Kvisler

Our guitar heroes Harald Lytomt and Hans Jørgen Kvisler. None of them are currently using amps. They rely completely on AxeFx guitar processors during the rehearsals.

In our headphones we all have our own personal stereo mixes. We can control the our own individual balance and panning per input with our smart phones. This makes it an absolute delight rehearsing. We can’t wait to bring this to the stage!

We’ll see you around! We wish you all a great week

Per’s MiniMoog
The diatonic button accordion. Glenn has played this since he was 8 years old.